So the big day has finally come and its time to install your new Cambria countertop. This video will walk you through what to expect will happen on installation day.

So you’ve just ordered your new Cambria countertop from Premier Design & Cabinetry. Ramsin Khachi will walk you through how to prepare your kitchen or bathroom for measurement to make the process as smooth as possible. 

I love to work with small kitchens!

Small kitchens are a challenge but you can overcome these challenges with all the new organization cabinets that are offered. I have designed many small kitchens and the best part is when my client see’s the end result and all the pots, pans, spices and dishes fit exactly where we planned.

When remodeling your kitchen there are several things to keep in mind. The most important is your “flow”.

How do you want to work in your kitchen? Do you entertain a lot? Do you have room for an island even a small island or movable island will give your kitchen new dimensions. Are you left or right-handed? Left handed cooks operate differently, I know I’m one of them! Most kitchens are not set up for lefties., and a real biggie, where does the microwave go?

Now a days there are so many options when it comes to cabinets: pullouts, toe kick drawers, message centers, mixer cabinets, drop stations, the list goes on and on.

Then there’s the actual chosing of the cabinet, wood species, painted wood, color style, full overlay, partial overlay, or frameless. When I first meet a client I educate and then go over all the fine details. Then comes the homework. It’s best to go through magazines and look for “your style”. What would you like to see everyday you walk into your kitchen?

Once you’ve determined your style we go to work! I come up with a design based on your wants and needs. I want my clients to have the kitchen of their dreams!

Until next time!

Sheri Sauer

“The Refrigerator”  where do you put this mammoth appliance? How do you make it look good? Can you open the doors enough to get the veggie trays out? Can your floor withstand the weight?

In the early 1900′s a fridge was just a block of ice delivered to your back door. Now the refrigerator has become big, bold and bulky! In some kitchens there are even more than one. I guess it’s because we never want to run out of food or maybe you organize your food by color and need extra shelves and drawers.

Whatever your choice in refrigerators I can handle the challenge.

I do often wonder how those families of ten ever made it with a small ice block.